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Sound Design

Sound Designer/Engineer/Mixer 

First Date

-Mixed on Yamaha CL5

-60 inputs

-Practiced Line-by-Line mixing

-Local Newspaper Orlando Sentinel "The band sounds uniformly great."

Director: Earl Weaver

Scenic Designer: Tim Brown

Costume Designer: Dan Jones

Lighting Designer: Ben Lowe

Example of line by line mixing

Examples of system paperwork are available upon request

Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer 

Knights Ghostlight Podcast

  • Created a podcast to gain sound experience during pandemic

  • First season is spooky themed

  • Second season is mystery themed

Director/Producer: Lindsay Putnam 

S2 E2 "Outer Limit"
S2 E1 "The Topaz Flower"
S1 E1 "Knock at the Door"

Co-Sound Designer 

Much Ado About Nothing

-Virtual production that was recorded over Zoom

-The director wanted this to be the "most romantic sounding show ever"

-I created all of the music for the show, while my Co-Sound Designer worked on lining up the dialogue with the recorded video

Other Co-Sound Designer: Lindsay Putnam

Director: Mark Brotherton

Scenic Designer: Tim Brown

Lighting Designer: Rob Siler 

Costume Designer: Huaixiang Tan

Production photos

Transition Music
Soundscape + Music

Sound Designer 

The Grumpiest Boy in the World

-A new work Theatre for Young Audiences

show that I had the opportunity to work on.

-Production wanted to tour with show, I had to record the actors lines and create a track that was then used for the show  

-With the track I had to edit the dialogue to make the lines sound like a conversation .​

Director: Sage Tokach 

Scenic Designer: Nathan Stout

Costume Designer: Dan Jones

A trailer that was created for marketing

Assistant Sound Designer

The Rover

-Director wanted a modernized this production to then which we had to create Electronic Dance Music

-I created tracks in Logic Pro

Sound Designer: Lindsay Putnam

Director: Christopher Neiss

Scenic Designer: Corina Cottin

Lighting Designer: Karoline Ingalls

Costume Designer:  Brenna Maginness

Production photos and paperwork example

Moonlight Son. EDM
Ode To Joy EDM

Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer

Knights' Ghostlight Podcast

When productions were at a full halt due to the pandemic a group of sound focus students and our professor decided to bring old radio plays to life with using Sound Design.

Producer: Lindsay Putnam

The Thing on the Fourble Board

The Outer Limit

The Topaz Flower

Assistant To The Sound Designer


​As the Assistant to the Sound Designer, on this production I handled the majority of the paperwork and made sure the Sound Designer created everything they needed to. But, in the middle of Tech the Sound Designer had an emergency and had to leave, to then which I was left in charge of fulfilling the Sound Designer's and the Director's wants/needs to get this production show ready.​

Sound Designer: Lindsay Putnam

Director: Cynthia White

Scenic Designer: Vandy Wood

Lighting Designer: Vandy Wood

Costume Designer: Dan Jones

Production photos and examples of paperwork created

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