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Entertainment Technician

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Since June of 2022 I have been working in Magic Kingdom as an Entertainment Technician where my discipline has been audio based.

I have worked on numerous events that have taken place at the Cinderella's Castle as an audio technician that includes but is not limited to:

-Monitor and Front of House Engineer for Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration (2022)

-Audio Assist for ABC's filming of"The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration" (2022)

-Monitor Engineer for Hocus Pocus (2022)

I have also been a crew chief for numerous events at Magic Kingdom with events that includes but is not limited to:

-East Audio Crew Chief for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party (2023)

-Castle Audio Crew Chief for 4th of July Spectacular (2023)

-Rocket Tower Audio Crew Chief for Tron Press event (2023

-East Audio Crew Chief for Princess Half Marathon (2023)

-Executive Audio Crew Chief for Cast Service Celebration (2023)

A1/Sound Engineer/
Assistant Sound 

Shrek The Musical

-Mixed on Digico SD10

-140 inputs

-2,000 person audience at the Dr. Phillips Center in the Walt Disney Theatre

Sound Designer: Casey Dieter

Director: Michael Wainstein

Scenic Designer: Bert Scott, Vandy Wood, and Tim Brown

Lighting Designer: Rob Siler

Costume Designer: Huaixiang Tan

Sound Technician (A2)


-60 wireless microphones

-75 piece orchestra

-Took place at the Dr. Phillips Center

-Helped with the assembly of the wireless system

Sound Designer: Bruce Ellman

Director: Michael Wainstein

Scenic Designer: Bert Scott and Vandy Wood

Lighting Designer: Bert Scott and Vandy Wood

Costume Designer: Dan Jones

Production photos, and examples of A2 setup

Assistant Production Coordinator/ Lead A1

RealLife Christian Church-Longwood

​From 2018 to 2020, I was working as the Assistant Production Coordinator/Lead A1 for the RealLife Christian Church at the Longwood campus. The space was rented for every Sunday and so we had to set up and take down lighting and sound equipment every service. I mixed on an Allen & Health GLD80. The typical weekly band consisted of; 3 vocalist, a bassist, guitarist, keyboard, loop and a 7 piece drum set. The holiday always called for a much larger band.​

Production Coordinator: Scott Elkins

Christmas Eve Service Mix Ex.

26 Min

A Regular Sunday Mix Ex.

16 Min

Examples of Live Mix, recorded from my iPhone XR

Sound System Install

The MainStage at UCF

Over the Summer of 2021, I hired by Theatre UCF to install a new sound system that was purchased. This included installing a new wireless system and digital console. With this project I was also in charge of a team of sound students to which I had to delegate tasks to finish the project on time. We switched from having a Lectrosonic wireless system to a Shure wireless system. Then changed consoles from a Venue Live 8 to a Yamaha CL5

Progress photos of the process for installing the new system

Cable Management

The MainStage at UCF

Over the Summer of 2019, I was assigned to clean up the MainStage space at Theatre UCF. We had 2 different racks and I was able to condense them down to one. I took out old equipment that was no longer in use, and created a patch bay for more organization

Before, after, and progress photos

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